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Axis Directional Drilling services and Ground Source Heat Pumps...

Traditionally we use Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) to install pipelines beneath areas where conventional open trench or other construction techniques may cause undesirable effects.

Axis Drilling also use HDD for installing all types of small utilities such as • Gas • Water • Ducting • Electric • Telecoms • Sewers and drains. Thus is a proven technology which can be easily transferred to the GSHP industry for the instillation of the ground loop in many varied applications.

GSHP technology is a cheap source of energy that is becoming more and more state of the art.The standard technology to exploit geothermal energy is based on vertically orientated boreholes. This is expensive and very often causes damage to land and gardens. It’s therefore not surprising that drilling cost regularly represent more than 50 % of the entire investment, hindering potential customers from investing in geothermal heating systems.

The other traditional method of installing the ground loop is by trenching, laying coiled pipe and backfilling. This method is only suitable if there are no obstructions; and presents the other problem of introducing air into the ground decreasing thermal conductivity.

Some advantages the HDD method can offer...

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