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How can Directional Drilling be used in the heat pump industry...

Some suggested applications where this technology can be advantageous both domestically and commercially in the heat pump industry are:

Car Parks are in effect a solar collector and are perfectly suited for drilling as traffic can continue undisturbed while drilling.

Schools can continue to run normally as ground loop is installed due to minimum area of surface works

Tennis courts, patios, ponds and any other obstacles found in domestic back gardens remain undisturbed so saves in reinstatement and mess.

Heat Pump ground loop installation advantages using HDD

•Extremely environmentally friendly, causing no lasting ecological damage at all. Minimal damage to the area is only caused within the vicinity of the unit.
•Clean trenchless solution for underground installations without disturbing the surface.
•Savings in reinstatement costs and eliminates disruption to lifestyle of customer/public and traffic.
•Ideal for sites sensitive to surface disruptions like golf courses, airport runways, busy traffic intersections, difficult site conditions and environmentally hazardous areas.
•Faster and neater, usually requiring less time than that needed by trenching.
•Removes possibility of trenching-related accidents and minimises health and safety procedures.
•Minimum public/pedestrian inconvenience as in many cases only a small exit hole is required
•Pipes can be installed either straight or curved to steer clear of obstacles.
•By boring underground the working area is confined to points of entry and exit only.
•No disruption to road, river or rail traffic and no scarring of the landscape.
•Equipment works from surface with no need for deep excavations.

Heat Pump ground loop installation Atlernatives

The two alternatives to HDD are vertical boring and trenching. Vertical bores can be a messy and costly method only recommended for jobs with minimum space. The other traditional method of installing the ground loop is by trenching, laying coiled pipe and backfilling. This method is only suitable if there are no obstructions; and presents the other problem of introducing air into the ground decreasing thermal conductivity.

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